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Saturday, February 12, 2005


THIS JUST IN....The WeCaTon News Report is now sent by email to over 300 W.C. grads and friends!

Let's get updated on our upcoming events, shall we? We are booked for the clubhouse of Windover Condo- miniums in Orlando, Florida, for the Second Annual WC Florida Spring Fest on April 3, 2005.

It would take me forever and ever to describe to all of you the great fun we had last year, at this event. It started as sort of a fluke, due to the realization that so many WC folks live down here in Florida. We expected we'd gather up about 10-15 people from the surrounding counties and just have ourselves a good, ol' time. Well, I was HALF-right! We sure did have ourselves a good, ol' time. But the number of people who attended was spectacular. I'll bet there were about 40 of us. The best part was, about 10-12 of those people came all the way from Ohio, JUST for that event.

It's a great time of year to be in Florida, if you don't live here already, and a welcome respite from the northern winter. We already have several non-Florida residents who are planning to attend, I'm happy to report.

Just as last year, our hostess will be 1960's JOANN K. STEMLEY, a condo owner there. So listen, if you were there last year, make SURE you're there THIS year, and make sure you bring along another person this time. Do NOT miss this event! Plan for it NOW! With the terribly sad occurrences we had in January, the point should be brought home, without my saying it again, right? Do NOT miss our WC events. We DON'T have the option any longer of saying we'll, "go next year."

Our crown jewel event, as I'm so fond of calling it, is the annual WC alumni dinner/dance, which is held each year on the second Saturday of October. Another thing I'm so fond of saying is that it seems always to be held on the grounds of a hotel which is located in Miamisburg, our "arch enemy." Ha! I unfailingly travel up from Florida for this event. Make sure YOU travel from wherever YOU are, in order to also attend this event. I'm simply amazed and befuddled (and TERRIBLY disappointed) by those who live right there in Montgomery County, yet make no effort to be there. If you live ANYwhere in Ohio, and you aren't there, then shame on you!! You need to make this event a habit. We also have the Frisch's Frolic on the previous night and I'll bet we had a hundred people or more who were there at the Moraine City Frisch's, just this past October. Again, it was a great time, and not to be missed. All events (as well as this bulletin) are for ALL our WC people, regardless of the class year and regardless of whether or not you actually graduated. Just be there!!

As you all know, we suffered a devastating January, with the loss of no less than 5 WC alumni. Those, of course, are just the ones of which we are actually aware.
They are, as follows: MARIANNE LOGAN, Class of 1988 (we think), due to cancer; RONNIE L. GREENE, Class of 1957, so-far-unknown cause); DAVID LEE MICHAEL, Class of 1958, complications suffered during a surgery relative to heart and respiratory; LAWRENCE EUGENE ZINK, Class of 1960, liver failure: JUDY RAE LINDSEY, Class of 1957, cancer.

To be added to The WeCaTon News Report send a request to Bonnie Risner Miller '60 at wlcmctr@bellsouth.net


  • At February 26, 2005 at 4:57 PM, Blogger Class of 1973 said…

    Subject: Hotels for April 2 and 3rd.

    Feb . 25. 2005
    Hey Fellow WCHS'ers, Springfest is April 2 and 3rd this year!

    The Hotels in Orlando are filling up fast. I have found two next door to each other, the Fairfield Inn and the Best Western on Vineland near Universal Studios that have a few room left. also a bit more pricier is the Holiday Inn on Major Blvd. still has a few room, all are walking distance to the each other and to TGI Fridays and the Orlando Ale House. also several other restaurants, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Burger King, Wendy's Ponderosa, IHOP just to name a few.
    Some may have rooms at the Quality Inn on Windhover Dr. but last I heard they are filled up that weekend. Might give them a check maybe someone has canceled.
    If you are looking for an address to look up info on the Internet the Party Club house is
    5987 Windhover Drive
    Orlando, Florida, 32819

    My phone is 937-252-8172 Dayton or 407-248-8324 Orlando call either I will get the calls.
    Hope to see you all soon, and temp. was 79 here yesterday.

    Love to all,
    Jo Ann

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